The Wall

The wall.. It is that one place that every person has hit at least once in their lives, be it in running and athletics, or writing or even in their social lives. This ‘wall’ is always there to tell us that we cant go any further and we might as well stop now before we get into an even worse mess. I have hit this said ‘Wall’ when it came to my assignment.. And I tell you now it was not pretty, I cried and screamed and threw books across my room. I basically went insane. Scaring the living day lights out of my flat mates and even some of my friends who I happened to call after my melt down. But the one thing they don’t tell you about the wall is its not really there, its just our minds way of saying “yeah I cant be bothered any more, we could probably go a little longer, but nah we had a good shot but lets call it quite”.. So I have a message for this so called wall.. I have beaten you this time, and I will beat you again. I plan on expanding my limits so I can reach my goals with ease, so try hold me back! I dare you! Because the only thing you will see is a mental wreaking ball hitting you down to open a path in front of me!”
If you struggle with the ‘wall’ too, im sure you can over come it.. I did and guess what! It feels great!

A x


Never put off t…

Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well
– Mark Twain

Procrastination is the bane of my life! I even procrastinate from procrastination.. I think Mark Twain sums up my view very well, unfortunately I’m having troubles stopping.. University work feel my wrath! I am a girl on a mission! 


A x 

Gonna Party Like It’s Ma Birthday!

Guess what! It’s my birthday! I am now in my last year of teens (19). And with age you would think there is great responsibility… WRONG! I feel no different. I am still probably going to fall up the stair, get lost walking home from town, stay up past my bed time and eat all the junk food I can get my hands on.

The last year of my life has probably been the biggest strangest year of my life because I became a some what “Adult” as I moved out of the nest into my own apartment in the city. But I don’t think I will ever truly grown up, my sense of humour will always be the same, it will just include larger words, like disarticulated, hypoglycaemia and telekinetic (those are all very fun words to say). So unfortunately my dear friends will have to deal with me this way forever :D..

Until next time! I’m now going to go party because it is my birthday!

A x

You want it do you?

Just don't do it!

Just don’t do it!

This is a topic that has been discussed over the years but is something guys still seem to do… SAGGY PANTS!
I mean, WHAT!?!?! Why do it? It looks awful! Doesn’t your bum get cold? I admit when you see a guy with a nice ass it quite nice to enjoy (yes girls look at guys asses just as much as they look at ours), But when you see someone with stained boxers waddling down the street because their trousers are round their ankles you have to wonder how they think it looks good.

So I did some research into this weird fashion statement and found out some very interesting facts about it.
Did you know that the name for the people that do this are called “saggers” and that it originated in a US prison as belts were not allowed in case of attempted suicide or using it as a weapon, however it then became a known signal to other prison mates that the “sagger” was ready and willing, if you know what I mean, due to the fact the two sexes were not allowed to interact and kept in different wings.

So do you still think its a good fashion statement? I think it is hilarious! So I have no more complaints, carry on telling the male population you want it. It makes me and my friends smile every time we see one of you.

Until next time

A x

Death By Education!

My views on revision!

My views on revision!

One word. Revision.
This word brings tears to the manliest of men, bring depression to the most cheerful children and causes floods by the numerous tear shed.
Oh yes folks, Its that time of year again when teachers and lectures decide its time to throw information at you with the force of a bullet train!
I do have to admit that I brought this on for myself. University! and they many lectures that come with it! Don’t get me wrong, I love university it gave me the freedom I needed and a city to do it in. A place to meet new people and learn how to look after myself by paying for bills and food. My one and only regret is the exams! If it was fully based on coursework and assignments I would love it even more, but no it includes the dreaded exams!! (dun dun duuunnn)

Some people have the minds for revision, they can sit down and read a book, understand the information and then go to an exam calmly. I am not joking when I say I am the polar opposite! I read something, forget it then freak out about the exam because I can’t remember it! Due to my issues with exams I even chose a course at college where I didn’t have to do any!

So you see my dilemma? I have tried EVERYTHING! Anyone know any good methods to revise? Please let me know in the comments below! I look forward to trying them out…

Hope everyone is doing okay, please like, comment and follow below so you can receive emails next time I post 🙂

A x

Apocalyptic weather!

So lately the weather where I live has been horrendous! It is like the end of the world has begun and the wind is trying to blow us over the edge of the world! I should probably mention I live in the UK. So I think that people here would be able to relate, I mean we are only a small Island when you think about it, and this weather is crumbling us into the ocean! WE ARE SHRINKING! AHH SAVE US!

But I have to admit even though the weather makes you want to hide it has taught me some valuable things so far:

1. It is in fact impossible for human beings to hibernate (no matter how hard they try)

2. Watching people think it is okay to use an umbrella is very entertaining

3. If you walk head first into 70 mph wind you are guaranteed to not go anywhere.. at all.. apart from that one place.. for 5 minutes!!

4.You will get wet, no number of coats will keep out the rain.. It will find you, and it will make you cold! and

5. People can fly!

Image (

The lady is fine, she eventually got up and laughed it off)

As I faced troubling weather in the city, it was nothing compared to the weather they has in the countryside or down the west coast! They had falling trees, flooded roads, power cuts for 3 day and shed roofs go missing!

I hope the weather isn’t effecting any of you to badly!

Until next time

A x

“You’ve gotta d…

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
― William W. Purkey

I find this a truly inspirational quote, it brings realisation to the fact that we have one life to live. One life to set off the fireworks to a festival that is our lives. The party that doesn’t end until we’re done.