Apocalyptic weather!

So lately the weather where I live has been horrendous! It is like the end of the world has begun and the wind is trying to blow us over the edge of the world! I should probably mention I live in the UK. So I think that people here would be able to relate, I mean we are only a small Island when you think about it, and this weather is crumbling us into the ocean! WE ARE SHRINKING! AHH SAVE US!

But I have to admit even though the weather makes you want to hide it has taught me some valuable things so far:

1. It is in fact impossible for human beings to hibernate (no matter how hard they try)

2. Watching people think it is okay to use an umbrella is very entertaining

3. If you walk head first into 70 mph wind you are guaranteed to not go anywhere.. at all.. apart from that one place.. for 5 minutes!!

4.You will get wet, no number of coats will keep out the rain.. It will find you, and it will make you cold! and

5. People can fly!

Image (

The lady is fine, she eventually got up and laughed it off)

As I faced troubling weather in the city, it was nothing compared to the weather they has in the countryside or down the west coast! They had falling trees, flooded roads, power cuts for 3 day and shed roofs go missing!

I hope the weather isn’t effecting any of you to badly!

Until next time

A x


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