You want it do you?

Just don't do it!

Just don’t do it!

This is a topic that has been discussed over the years but is something guys still seem to do… SAGGY PANTS!
I mean, WHAT!?!?! Why do it? It looks awful! Doesn’t your bum get cold? I admit when you see a guy with a nice ass it quite nice to enjoy (yes girls look at guys asses just as much as they look at ours), But when you see someone with stained boxers waddling down the street because their trousers are round their ankles you have to wonder how they think it looks good.

So I did some research into this weird fashion statement and found out some very interesting facts about it.
Did you know that the name for the people that do this are called “saggers” and that it originated in a US prison as belts were not allowed in case of attempted suicide or using it as a weapon, however it then became a known signal to other prison mates that the “sagger” was ready and willing, if you know what I mean, due to the fact the two sexes were not allowed to interact and kept in different wings.

So do you still think its a good fashion statement? I think it is hilarious! So I have no more complaints, carry on telling the male population you want it. It makes me and my friends smile every time we see one of you.

Until next time

A x


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