The Wall

The wall.. It is that one place that every person has hit at least once in their lives, be it in running and athletics, or writing or even in their social lives. This ‘wall’ is always there to tell us that we cant go any further and we might as well stop now before we get into an even worse mess. I have hit this said ‘Wall’ when it came to my assignment.. And I tell you now it was not pretty, I cried and screamed and threw books across my room. I basically went insane. Scaring the living day lights out of my flat mates and even some of my friends who I happened to call after my melt down. But the one thing they don’t tell you about the wall is its not really there, its just our minds way of saying “yeah I cant be bothered any more, we could probably go a little longer, but nah we had a good shot but lets call it quite”.. So I have a message for this so called wall.. I have beaten you this time, and I will beat you again. I plan on expanding my limits so I can reach my goals with ease, so try hold me back! I dare you! Because the only thing you will see is a mental wreaking ball hitting you down to open a path in front of me!”
If you struggle with the ‘wall’ too, im sure you can over come it.. I did and guess what! It feels great!

A x


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