Love, Inspiration, Life, Extreme. What comes to mind when you hear these words? To me, I hear an adventure. Something that breaks the boundaries of the real world and seeps into my imagination. A vibrant world full of colour and sound. A place that makes you think twice before you continue. The imagination is a place that is private to every person, every person sees things differently. I’m here to destroy those boundaries and bring imagination to life, well sort of. Dive head first into a technicolour whirlpool and discover things that might have never come to mind. Expand your horizons, find the silver lining, and search for that pot of gold on the end of that rainbow. I welcome you, to an adventure of a life time.





Hello everyone and welcome!

On my blog you will find weird and wonderful things. It is a place where I will share my views on everything from movies to news, to fashion to food to comedy, the list could go on! So please feel free to follow me,  leave a comment, share me, or even just give a like.. and join in my adventure.


A x


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